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January 31st, 2017

luminousdaze in cap_tv_tee

The Good Place screencaps

The Good Place episode 101 "Pilot" & Episode 102 "Flying."
Two episodes in the same folder - they aired as one episode.
1612 screen caps in 1366x768px
The aspect ratio is the same as 1280x720px only they're larger to fit my screen, you can resize them to be that size if you prefer but I didn't bother.

30 screen caps are in THIS ALBUM for your viewing pleasure (without downloading the zip).


My caps are for personal use in fan art, icons, graphics etc & sharing with others.
Please comment or 'like' if downloading.
Attribution is welcome, but it's not a requirement.

Edit May 2017: It looks like this was posted to cap_it after a delay, but since then seriescaps has done the complete season one in HD. I definitely recommend the screencaps there instead of mine, which I posted back when there were no other ones available.