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𝓢tephie ⩰ ℒuminousdaze


If anyone still watches this feed. I don't plan to do zip file screen cap sharing here in the future.
I post once per week at capspiration which is fun so by next month I may also start posting one favorite fandom screen cap/picture here a few times a week, mainly for my own amusement.
All old zip files of film trailers, shows and movies and pre-2014 posts will be deleted or locked/friends only. The more recent music video caps & the British TV show caps will remain up for now.

If I do ever make a zip file of any screencaps I'll cross post to cap_it.

I recommend screencapped, grande_caps, fading_tomorrow, homeofthenutty, cap_it & thepicturepool for all your fandom screen cap needs.


P.S. A few days later, I changed my mind about part of that statement!
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