Stephie ❁ (luminousdaze) wrote in cap_tv_tee,
Stephie ❁

Absolutely Fabulous: Episode 205

Absolutely Fabulous Episode 205: "Poor" (1994)
840 DVD Screen Captures
1024x768 (Remastered edition SD/4:3)
1 zip folder
samples are posted behind the cut


Download Links

Download Zip

For personal use in fanart, icons etc & sharing with others.
Please credit/attribute cap_tv_tee if you can.
Sharable. You may share these caps elsewhere with credit.
If you'd like to host my caps in a web gallery please ask me.
Re-caps or re-upload of this media available? Maybe! But better download it while it's there. :)

Sorry, this file is currently unavailable.
Tags: caps: tv caps, tv caps: ab fab
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